Welcome to the City on the Moon!  A blog dedicated to reviewing the books I read.

I have been an avid reader for nearly all my life, beginning when I discovered The Lord of the Rings trilogy in the fifth grade and would read during class, hiding the books under my desk.  I read that trilogy (plus The Hobbit) half a dozen times that year, and got in trouble every time.

It was recently suggested to me that, because I tend to consume books, I should start reviewing them as well.  I will be writing about whatever books interest me on here, with no particular rhyme or reason concerning authors or genre.  Although, I am pretty partial to science-fiction.  The only connecting tissue between the books I review is that I find them interesting in some way, and I hope you do too.

With that in mind, first up is Artemis, by Andy Weir.  His second novel, a follow-up to The Martian, and the book that inspired the name of this blog.  Expect my review in the next day or two.  Enjoy your stay!

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