Holy Wars: A Review of The Tower of Fools, by Andrzej Sapkowski

Historical fiction can be defined as any work of fiction that takes place in the past, anywhere from the distant to the recent.  One of the most common forms of fiction in the history of storytelling, historical fiction often goes through great pains to portray the attitudes, manners, and popular beliefs of the people set in the chosen time period.  This can result in a more grounded or realistic work of fiction that many pure fantasy novels, making historical fiction both easier and more difficult to write.  Unlike a fantasy novel where much is left up to the writer’s imagination, historical fiction offers many more resources to build the setting, although the sheer amount of research required to portray the chosen time period accurately can appear daunting.  While some authors may choose to take liberties with the time period in order to write the story they wish to write, Andrzej Sapkowski, author of the world-famous Witcher series, wholeheartedly submerged himself in the fifteenth century for The Tower of Fools.

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