Learning To Communicate: A Review of Eclipse the Moon, by Jessie Mihalik

            Just as communication is the key to any healthy relationship, communication is also a key element of any truly enjoyable romance novel.  If the characters involved do not know how to communicate with each other, or part of the plot does not involve them learning, then the romance may seem forced or unbelievable.  So many stories have been brought low by pairing up characters without putting in the work to make their chemistry obvious to the audience.  Part of the fun of a romance story is watching the characters revolve around each other, figuring each other out, learning the telltale outward signs of their emotional states.  In these kinds of plots, miscommunications are believable, and tense, plot hooks.  Without the honest effort to learn, that lack of communication could result in disastrous effects; readers may think the characters stupid, rather than possessing of realistic emotions.

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