City on the Moon is a blog dedicated to book reviews.  I am an avid consumer of literature, from science-fiction to biographies, with an extensive reading list and thirst for words.  On here, you will find critical reviews of the latest books on my reading list, though not always the latest books to be released.

I do not stick to any one genre or author.  The only link between the books I dive into is that they interest me, and I hope they interest you too.  I will strive to remain spoiler free in my reviews because I hope you will pick them up for yourselves at some point.

If I decide to review a book, it is because I find something in it worthwhile, so do not expect me to post 1,000 words ripping a novel apart.  Every story deserves a read.

Solicited reviews are welcome here at City on the Moon, and I will read anything an author is willing to send me.  I may not end up reviewing everything, but I will respond personally in that case.   If I received a review copy of a book, the corresponding review will have a short PSA at the top disclosing that.  If it’s not there, then I either bought the book myself, or was gifted it by a friend of family member.

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