Perseverance: A Review of Destiny of the Dead, by Kel Kade

            Apocalyptic fiction can be a tricky story format to get right, and it usually falls into two broad categories.  Post-apocalypse stories are actually very common, for a variety of reasons, where the apocalypse has already happened and we spend our time following characters surviving or rebuilding after the fact.  The tone of these can range wildly, from hopeless in the face of a terrible world, or hopeful as rebuilding is underway.  Conversely, there are also stop-the-apocalypse stories, where the heroes of the story work to avoid the end of the world, either preventing or reversing the oncoming apocalypse.  Much rarer are stories where the apocalypse seems inevitable, but has not happened yet.  Where readers, and sometimes even the characters, know that the end of the world is going to happen, but the characters struggle anyways.  Conventional wisdom tells us that if a character wants something enough, then the audience will want them to achieve it.  But how does a story avoid disappointing readers when it seems like the protagonists will not get what they want?

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The End of Hope: A Review of Fate of the Fallen, by Kel Kade

One of the longest enduring staples in fiction is that of the Chosen One.  The Chosen One is the special hero, standing above all others as the only one capable of defeating the enemy of the story or saving the world.  The method for selecting a chosen one can be varied.  In many stories, there is some form of prophecy which only fits this one individual.  In others, they may have a certain birthmark or be born from the right parents at just the right time.  This trope is not even relegated to one genre.  Chosen one are found all throughout fantasy, science-fiction, and beyond.  Harry Potter may be one of the most recognizable examples, but the chosen one can also be found in Star Wars in the form of Anakin Skywalker, and in The Matrix with Neo.  Even The Lord of the Rings, which posits that anyone can defeat evil if they have the courage to rise up, contains a chosen one to a certain extent with Eowyn.  However, the chosen one has waned in popularity.  There are no chosen ones in real life.

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