A note about The Witcher series and my next review

The Witcher world, created by Andrzej Sapkowski, spans two collections of short stories, a five novel series, and a trilogy of video games.  To even the most avid reader and gamer, this is a lot of story to consume.  The series follows Geralt of Rivia.  Geralt is a witcher, a type of human mutant, enhanced through magic and medicine to fight the monsters that plague the continent on which the tales take place.  He is friends with a world-renowned poet and bar, the lover of a powerful sorceress, and adopted father of a princess without a kingdom.

Over the course of these books and games, Geralt is wrapped up in wars, interferes with nefarious magical plots, hunts monsters, saves the world, and befriends the supernatural creatures who only want to live in peace.  The world and writing can get a little dense as characters spout Latin phrases at each other or lecture on the protocol for how kingdoms handle matters.  However, Geralt is there to show us the ridiculousness and pretension of those characters.  That being said, once you starting learning about this world, it is fascinatingly realistic, despite the fantasy setting.

Season of Storms, the subject of my next review, is the last Witcher novel to be translated to English from Sapkowski’s native Polish.  However, the novel stands alone; separate from the continuous story of the previous five novels.  Taking place between short stories, it is one of the earlier adventures in the timeline.  As such, no knowledge of the rest of the series is required.  There are references to other events, but enough subtext is provided so that the reader may understand the relationships between characters.  If you have never experienced the world of The Witcher before, then Season of Storms is a wonderful place to start.

My review of Season of Storms will drop this week.

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